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The finest skin care nature has to offer. Wholesome, healthy, delightfully indulgent and expertly handmade by us, Comfort & Joy’s range is dedicated to your wellbeing; helping your skin and hair achieve an unparalleled radiance and balance by drawing on the gifts and synergies a natural approach uniquely offers.

Bringing harmony to disturbed skin and creating the most delectable colour cosmetics, Comfort & Joy believes that its customers and their happiness are the most important ingredients of all. All of our products have “made with love” written on their labels. Here at Comfort & Joy, we mean it!

It is after much debate and with great sadness that I have to tell you that we will not be trading for the foreseeable future. I have been, as some of you know, experiencing issues with my health, and I must concentrate on that. You will NOT have been charged for any order you have made as we never charge until point of dispatch.

I hope to be cooking up your goodies again at some point in the future and will let you know when that is.  Till then- know that you are in my thoughts. Some of you have been with us since our infancy. We've celebrated your babies being born, growing up and having babies of their own. WIthout YOU, Comfort & Joy couldn't be.   

Hope to see you all soon!

Take GOOD care,


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